Business Loans Basics

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  • When to Apply for a Loan?

    Find out when it’s best to apply for a small business loan.


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  • How do I Qualify for a Loan?

    Learn what you need to qualify for a business loan.


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  • What Types of Loans Are There?

    Several types of business loans exist. Discover which one is right for you.


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  • Business Line of Credit: Explained

    Discover how a business line of credit works.


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  • Can New Businesses Qualify?

    New businesses are often limited in what type of loans they can qualify for.


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  • Federal Loan Eligibility

    Are you eligible for a federal student loan? What type?


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Businesses are the backbone of our society. We’ve been faced with this reality more than ever since the rise of COVID-19. Your local grocery stores closing at earlier times, restaurants and bars shut down and deliveries taking twice as long. Some of your favorite establishments didn’t open back up yet, and sadly, some won’t.

Here at Ohio State Loans, we believe that your business that stemmed from your brilliant ideas deserves to be loved and appreciated by all of those around you. Just like you, we want your open sign to stay lit for years to come. We’ve partnered with brands that can make that happen by refortifying your business with $5,000-$5,000,000. Your startup might have launched slowly and your fiscal future may seem uncertain at the moment, but Ohio State Loans is dedicated to making your business a beacon of success. With all of that being said, Ohio State Loans and our partners would be honored to sponsor you doing this critical time. We’ll see you at the top!

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"Ohio State Loans enabled me to take advantage of an amazing opportunity to relocate and expand my business, at such a pivotal time. Thanks to Jay and this hidden gem of a website, my business is doing better than ever!"

Brian F. Akron, OH

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