What to Look for in a Loan?

There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting a personal loan.

Factors to Consider:

Company Reputation

A loan company’s reputation is a highly important part of the process of selecting a loan. You want to be sure that the company has a solid history of being fair and providing good customer service to borrowers. You should be sure to read the most recent reviews available so as to ensure that the company’s standards of fairness have not altered due to factors such as changes in management.

Your Personal Credit History

Your credit history will affect the companies willing to work with you and the loans available to you from those companies. Some companies require a longstanding history of good credit, while others are more willing to work with borrowers who have poor credit or little or no credit history. Remember to keep this in mind as you are searching for a personal loan, as it can help you to narrow down the best options available to you.

Your Reason for Needing a Loan

The reason you need a personal loan in the first place can also affect which loan you select. A personal loan can be used for a variety of reasons such as paying to remodel your home or paying for a wedding. Others may take out a personal loan with financially-based motivations such as establishing a credit history or consolidating and paying off credit card debt. These different reasons can affect the type of loan that you want because some loan types are better suited for certain motivations than others.
For example, if you wish to take out a loan to establish a credit history, you might decide to take out a small loan with small minimum payments. Making these payments on time – and not early or late – will help you to establish a credit history by demonstrating your ability to make regular payments.

Repayment Time Frame

You should also think about the time frame in which you would like to pay back your personal loan. The time frame is important to consider because it can affect the amount of interest you will pay. Likewise, the repayment time frame and the size of the loan will also affect the amount of your minimum payment.


Acquiring a personal loan is a big decision. You should carefully consider the different personal loan options available to you, and the different factors affecting which loan you will select and from which company. Thinking about these factors in advance will help to ease the process as you choose which personal loan will best suit your needs.


Joe Schwartz | Loans Editor